Affiliate Services

PIA fully appreciates the dedication of its affiliates on the local level.

PIA can offer support by providing professional services to help alleviate some of the everyday stresses of running an association. We understand that there isn't always enough time to keep the affiliate running at maximum efficiency or with uniform consistency. With PIA's help, you can focus on strategy instead of logistics.

PIA's Affiliate Services can offer support to affiliates who would like help with membership, E&O, communications, or back office support.


Services available:

Membership Support with Membership Marketing Services

Available services:

  1. Lapsed member campaign (one-time campaign).
  2. Management of the entire renewal process for your members (monthly/annual renewals).
  3. Recruitment campaigns, PAC solicitations, member welcome calls, member check-ins, and more.

To learn more, download the the MMS flyer, pricing chart, or watch the First Friday Webinar

Questions or ready to schedule a membership consultation? Contact Dana Anaman, senior director of membership & affiliate services, at 703-518-1382 or

Publications provided in partnership with PIA Northeast

Like you, we believe effective communication is essential to grow membership and advance our organization-and the PIA Magazine is the premier way to reach those in our industry. Let us help you with your magazine needs, so you stay on-trend in the insurance world.

We want to offer you access to our publications team. Let us handle the design, layout, and editing of your affiliate's monthly or quarterly magazine. Our services include our award-winning PIA design, as well as relevant industry-specific content.

Magazine services include:
• Award-winning design
• Personalized masthead
• Full layout services
• Written content, including two feature articles, three topic-driven pieces, and In Brief section
• Space for two to four pages of your content
• Listing of your affiliate's officers and directors
• Media kit for ad sales
• Delivery of digital file ready for you to print or electronically distribute

• Quarterly edition: $1,500 per issue
• Monthly edition: $1,200 per issue

Questions? Contact or visit the website.

Errors and Omissions Insurance
marketing and/or sales

Develop and deploy E&O marketing campaigns (emails, notes, giveaways, etc.)

  • Obtain E&O marketing lists
  • Collect expirations for affiliate
  • Follow up with E&O prospects who have provided their E&O expiration date (60-day check-in)
  • Send strong E&O leads to affiliate

E&O new business

  • Quote coverage
  • Process bind orders
  • Administer billing
  • Service clients (requests-COI, Loss Runs, Changes)

Affiliate responsibility

  • Follows up with E&O leads
    (marketing package only)
  • Completes the E&O sale
    (marketing package only)
  • Converts E&O clients to PIA members
    (both packages)

Customized based on affiliate needs

Questions or ready to schedule a consultation? Contact Robert Holt, vice president products & services, at 703-518-1353 or