COVID-19 Issues

PIA Advocacy on COVID-19 Issues

In early 2020, the global pandemic that changed American life likewise prompted PIA to adapt our advocacy to meet the brand-new challenges facing professional independent insurance agents. PIA has been deeply engaged in legislative relief efforts to assist small businesses during the economic crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19. Specifically, in April 2020, PIA laid out a three-step legislative plan, the implementation of which we have been promoting ever since:

  •           Improving the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) by obtaining a streamlined loan forgiveness process for borrowers with smaller loans, and allowing more time for businesses to apply for support.
  •           Advocating for the creation of a COVID-19 Recovery Fund to further assist businesses struggling due to shutdowns mandated around the country at the height of the pandemic. Legislation to create such a fund was introduced in the last Congress, and elements of our plan have been included in other proposals being developed to assist the business community.
  •           Creating a system to protect businesses from potential losses associated with any future pandemic. 

In addition, PIA has helped block efforts to retroactively rewrite contracts with business interruption (BI) provisions to force their applicability in the current crisis, which would wreak havoc on the insurance industry and cause unnecessary uncertainty for parties to a wide array of privately negotiated commercial contracts.

PIA will continue to build on this strategy to ensure businesses are supported during this unprecedented time, whether by ensuring adequate funding for the PPP, providing businesses with the time and details they need to apply for PPP relief, or in helping to develop other proposals to help businesses and employees get back to work. PIA also remains highly engaged on proposals to protect businesses and employees from the negative effects of a future pandemic.

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