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Program Summary

If you've considered tapping into flood insurance to round your agency's accounts while generating significant revenue for your agency, PIA's EXCLUSIVE program with could be the answer.

Floodbroker enables your clients and prospects to quickly get a quote for flood insurance online, on a microsite branded for your agency. You then complete the sale offline using your agency's regular flood insurance carrier.

Floodbroker helps you start a conversation about flood insurance with your clients, so that they have the opportunity to consider this important coverage.

Floodbroker is a unique marketing tool that helps you increase sales of flood insurance in your agency while potentially reducing your errors and omissions exposure when it comes to offering flood insurance.

Short Demo Video

Watch the short (2:59) video below to see how an agency-branded Floodbroker microsite can turn your clients into flood insurance prospects. Product demo begins at 0:40.

Program Detail

How does Floodbroker work?

Floodbroker creates agency branded microsites for participating agents. These microsites contain Floodbroker’s proprietary National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) quoting engine and have a unique URL such as Agents direct their insureds and prospects to their Floodbroker microsite where they input information about their property and generate an NFIP quote. This quote is emailed to their agent who completes the sale using the agency’s regular appointed flood carrier(s).

Floodbroker is a quoting engine only: they do not retain the data that is input into their system nor will they attempt to sell flood insurance to your insureds and prospects.

Floodbroker costs only $50/month and is available EXCLUSIVELY to PIA members.

Watch a prerecorded webinar to learn more about this program.

You don't want to be the agent to take the phone call from a desparate insured seeing if they have flood coverage after their home or business has been hit by a flood.

Evan Spindelman, President,

Can Floodbroker provide quotes for all properties?

Floodbroker’s flood zone database tracks with FEMA’s digital flood insurance rate maps (DFIRMs). There are communities around the country that are not yet digitally mapped so there are cases where the Floodbroker system may not be able to generate a quote. In some other situations the person completing the online form may not be able to provide all of the information necessary to obtain a quote. In both of these cases the individual completing the online form can still submit the information that they have input into the form. That information is emailed to their agent so that he or she can follow up and continue the flood insurance sale.

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