Cyber Risk Assessment

Digital Red Flags Assessment by Wetzel and Associates

PIA members need to take steps now to fix their cyber weaknesses to satisfy tightening insurer requirements, new state regulations and rising consumer concerns. Through long-time PIA advocate Thomas H. Wetzel & Associates, members can have a low-cost cyber risk assessment designed specifically for independent insurance agencies. This assessment delivers a one-two-three punch that identifies an agency’s own unique risks, how to mitigate them, AND guidance and tools to turn the recommendations into action, including tools to help your existing IT service if you have one.  Deliverables include an analysis of an agency’s vendor user agreements, direct and vendor breaches and detailed mitigation recommendations in an easily understood, non-technical format.

It is a 4-step process

  1. Initial 15-minute call with Wetzel and Associates to answer basic questions and concerns about cybersecurity.
  2. A custom security assessment is conducted and a detailed report is delivered.
  3. 30-minute report to present findings and discuss action items.
  4. Follow-up calls at 30, 60, and 90 days.

The assessment will include:

  1. Current threats to your agency
    Identifies threats, defines them, and describes ways to reduce risk.
    Includes things such as ransomware, funds transfer fraud, phishing scams, backdoor threats from vendors.

  2. Customized vulnerability assessment
    Review of vendors and other areas, including vendor user agreements.

  3. Customized recommendations for the agency based on the report
    Covers written programs, advanced security features, and training for employees

  4. Tools to turn the recommendations into action.

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