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  • Active Member: The first member who joins the Association from each agency or brokerage company. All employees of the agency are entitled to member benefits and services. $550/year

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  • Branch Member: Branch Agency President/Authorized Representative and branch staff of the agency with existing Agency Membership. Active members may hold office on local and national level. Includes all local and national level benefits. $450/yr

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  • Additional Agency Staff Subscription to PIA Connection: An Agency Staff member who would like to receive a copy of PIA Connection Magazine. $12/year. Please contact PIA directly to register additional agency staff for PIA Connection subscriptions. 
  • Retired Member: Available to an individual who, prior to leaving the insurance industry, was an active member or associated with one or more active members of the Association for a minimum of five consecutive years. $35/year.

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If Florida is not your home state and you would like to become a member, click here to print and mail your membership application.


PIA members receive access to all of the member benefits described in the PIA of Florida Member Benefits GuidePLUS:

Additional Professional Development and Educational Opportunities:

A Variety of E&O Markets:

Admitted markets vary by state. Robust surplus lines programs are available for those who need it. Contact Teresa Lewis, national insurance representative at 703-518-1381 or tlewis@pianational.org.

Non-policyholders: Would you like to request an E&O indication or have a producer contact you closer to your policy expiration date? If so, visit our E&O webpage.

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It’s no coincidence that, as our Partners in Action Program has grown, our membership has also expanded. Our association depends on its Partners to help foster the professionalism of PIA members.

The Partners in Action Program is a unique opportunity for insurance organizations to partner with PIA to sponsor valuable programs that serve to further strengthen the agency system.

We invite you to become a PIA of Florida Partner In Action and reap the benefits of increased industry exposure, while effectively marketing your programs and demonstrating your support of the insurance agency system.

Learn more about the PIA of Florida Partners in Action Program and view the prospectus of opportunities available to insurance carriers and vendors.


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