The PIA Partnership

What is The PIA Partnership?

The PIA Partnership is a joint effort of leading insurance carriers and PIA. PIA and the companies belonging to The PIA Partnership work together to develop hands-on tools for PIA members and agents appointed by Partnership carriers.

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Current Partnership Programs

Winning@Customer Retention

Overview: Demonstrating the value of working with an agency is key. That’s where Winning@Customer Retention comes in. It's a new program from the PIA Partnership. It's designed to help agencies improve customer service and retention. We’ve pulled together resources to help you track client retention rates, segment, and communicate with your customers. 

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Winning@Cybersecurity Defense

Overview: Educational resources created to help educate agents and their clients about the most common cyber risks faced by small and mid-sized businesses as well as the business practices and insurance coverages that can reduce those risks.

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Winning@Virtual Sales and Service

Overview: Modern agents must be prepared to sell and service virtually. This program addresses how agencies should transform themselves to take advantage of modern technology and changing consumer expectations caused by changes in technology.

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Ready For Everything

Overview: This hub brings together resources for crisis planning and preparation, so that agents can survive any crisis.

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Overview: Your guide to hiring, motivating and retaining the best agency employees.

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Agency Journey Mapping

Overview: Value your agency, maximize your retirement income, and plan for unexpected death/disability while creating a perpetuation plan for your agency.

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Small Commercial – the Digital Opportunity

Overview: Small business customers want more digital capabilities from their independent agents. We created a report which compiles the insights from a variety of surveys to help provide clarity for agents as they move forward.

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Classic Programs

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Overview: Less recent (but still relevant) programs, including Reaching Gen Y, Closing the Gap, Agency Touchpoints and Practical Guide to Succession Planning.