Trusted Risk Advisor Certification

Take your credibility to the next level!

The Trusted Risk Advisor™ Certification Program from Beyond Insurance gives agents and brokers an enterprise risk management skill-set through a logical, disciplined, and results-oriented framework. While participating agents and brokers may enter the program with a proven track record of success, the TRA empowers them to sharpen arrows in their quiver, confirm that they have a "growth mindset". and consider additional tools and tactics to significantly improve performance.

  • Immersive, cohort-based microlearning modules facilitated by subject experts
  • Collaborate with peers, experts, and coaches in an online environment
  • Earn the Trusted Risk Advisor™ designation in four months-no tests or annual update

And all of this is at a discounted rate, courtesy of your PIA membership. The Trusted Risk Advisor™ Certification is comprised of four online courses, which range from 30-45 minutes per day.

Trusted Risk Advisor (TRA) 4-session certification program in 2024:

Spring 2024

  • TRA 1: Jan. 22-26 with webinar on Feb. 6
  • TRA 2: Feb. 26-Mar. 1 with webinar on March 8
  • TRA 3: April 1-5 with webinar on April 12
  • TRA 4: May 20-24 with webinar on June 4
TRA Course 1
TRA Course 2
TRA Course 3
TRA Course 4

Goodbye, Agent and Broker. Hello, Trusted Risk Advisor

  • Discover Your Why... Your Purpose of Existence
  • Your Path to Trusted Risk Advisor Status
  • Differentiation, Commonditization, and the Traps
  • Developing a Unique Message - Your TRA Value Proposition
  • Risk, Risk Management, and the TRA Decision Matrix

The Art and Science of Discovery... Leading to Strategy

  • The I³ System
  • The Five Stages in the Initial Prospect Interview
  • Walk Away Power
  • The Employee Interview... a Strategy to Position You as the Undercover Boss!
  • Case Study: Hospitality Industry
  • The TRA Prospect Trigger... Emotion
  • Active Listening
  • The Prospect Qualification Filter

The Risk Advisor... Moving Away from the Transactional Sales

  • The Underwriter's Response to the TRA Process
  • The Art of Negotiation
  • Prospect Research Evaluation Program (PREP)
  • Filling the Prospect Pipeline
  • The World of CFO

Creating a Differentiated Customer Experience Journey Through the TRA Process

  • The Customer Experience Journey
  • Monitoring Risk and Risk Management within the TRA Framework
  • Building Relationships that Last
  • Creativity and Innovation... the One-Two Punch of the TRA
  • The Art of Goal-Setting
  • Living Each Day as a Servant Leader!

Creating a Differentiated Customer Experience Journey Through the TRA Process

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The Benefits:
  • You will garner a distinguished brand and competitive advantage through formal training in consultative, diagnostic sales and risk-advisory skills from top-tier coaches.
  • Certification gives you established credibility to identify, analyze, and mitigate risks and exposures on your clients' behalves successfully
  • Your clients will trust you to reduce the frequency and severity of claims- regardless of market conditions.
  • Use of the Trusted Risk Advisor™ mark- articulate that you are skilled at reducing claim frequency and severity.
To earn the TRA Certification, you must complete the four TRA sessions in an 18-month period. The courses must be taken in order from 1-4.
  • Once the TRA is earned, the only requirement for maintaining the certification is to hold a current insurance license.
  • Please note: to earn this certification, agents and brokers must complete all four sessions entirely.
Want more details about the program? Download the brochure or watch our video.


$1000 for PIA Members

$1300 for Non-Members

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