About PIA

We Are PIA

We Are PIA

PIA is the premier association for professional independent insurance agents; PIA has provided excellence to its members for 90 years.

PIA has members in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, District of Columbia, and Guam. Through the strength of PIA affiliates, we are able to advance the independent agency system from coast-to-coast.

At PIA, we advocate for the things that are for the betterment of the industry, and for the protection of the agency distribution system. At the same time, we help our carriers understand how to work effectively with us—and us with them—so that it’s a win-win for everyone.

Wayne F. White, CPA, CPIA, PFMM Member, PIA Executive Committee


To enable the success of PIA and its members by identifying and meeting their needs. To lead the industry on behalf of professional independent insurance agents and the agency distribution system, providing the best in education, information, advocacy, and protection.


An innovative industry leader that uses its vast knowledge, resources, and expertise to advance the business interests of all PIA members. To aggressively promote, protect and defend the
diverse interests of professional independent insurance agents in the legislative, regulatory and public arenas, and to advance the agency system among carriers as the preferred distribution system for insurance products.

Our Pillars

PIA has an enduring mission to advance the needs of our members and be a leading voice in the insurance industry. Our four pillars provide the foundation for this mission.

The incredible team at PIA at both the state and the national level work tirelessly to provide support to all PIA members. We owe it to our members to help them evolve so they are more profitable, more efficient and more successful.

Mike Becker Executive Vice President & CEO, PIA National


The authoritative source of information relevant to the insurance industry, especially our members.


Offerings that feature nationally recognized instructors and designations that strengthen the skills and knowledge of insurance professionals.


Advocacy at the state and national levels to ensure PIA members' voices are heard by lawmakers and regulators alike.


Delivery of products and services specifically designed for insurance professionals to protect and grow their businesses.