ACORD End User License for PIA Members

Program Summary

ACORD requires all users of ACORD Forms, including independent agents, to obtain an ACORD Forms End User License, regardless of how the forms are accessed. Independent agencies that are not participants in an eligible ACORD Forms program must typically purchase a paid End User License. However, PIA is happy to announce that we have entered into an agreement with ACORD that allows eligible PIA-member agencies to execute their annual license for free, or to participate in ACORD’s Advantage Plus Program at a reduced rate. 

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PIA members can receive their complimentary annual ACORD End-user License, if they qualify for one of the two programs below: 

  1. Program 1: For PIA members who access ACORD Forms through an entity licensed to redistribute them, like most agency management systems (AMSs) or the AVYST eForms Wizard, members whose gross revenue is under $50 million can obtain a complimentary annual EULA. Using Program 1, each year, when an eligible agency executes a EULA, the agency is granted a complimentary annual authorization to use ACORD forms. Eligible agencies participating in this program must execute a EULA every year to receive another annual complimentary use license.

  2. Program 2: For PIA members whose gross revenue is under $1 million and who prefer to access forms directly through ACORD, PIA membership entitles eligible agencies to a $20 discount on ACORD’s Advantage Plus Program.


Fill out the form below for instructions to execute your annual ACORD end-user license. PIA members: please make sure to login to the website to view the form. 


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