The PIA Tech Council

What is The PIA Tech Council? 

A council of technology leaders and solution providers who will provide ideas, input, and insights on technology and agents to PIA and PIA leadership. In turn, solution providers will have opportunities-–both in person and online—to drive awareness and use of their solutions among agents.

Tech Council Mission: 

Advance agents’ access to, adoption and integration of technology, enabling them to better service clients while growing revenue, profits, and market share.

Tech Council Objectives:

  • Stimulate new ideas that strengthen agents’ ability to use technology to better serve clients.
  • Engage technology leaders to help advance agent access to and adoption of technology.
  • Increase agent awareness of specific technology solutions to communicate with and help clients.
  • Generate excitement for the power of technology to improve agency results
  • Provide agents with clear information to become automated.
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