In 2023, XDimensional Technologies acquired I-Engineering. In 2024, we brought the companies together under a new brand to launch the beginning of something great, Dyad.

Dyad delivers software and services that simplify insurance processing and distribution. We have redefined insurance technology by continuously improving our solutions, ensuring our customers can focus on growing and evolving their business, delivering superior customer service, and developing valuable insight into their business. Retail agencies, wholesalers, agency networks, program administrators, MGAs, and carriers benefit from our solutions.

For retail agencies, Dyad’s Nexsure is a sophisticated and scalable agency management system that connects key stakeholders to a digital experience throughout the entire distribution and policy lifecycle. Automation of critical workflows, such as submission, underwriting, quoting, issuance, and billing, within a single solution sets Nexsure apart. With built-in relationship management, automation tools, and client access portals, the Nexsure Insurance Platform empowers our clients to enhance their working relationships to achieve significant efficiencies as they manage their businesses better.

For more information about Dyad or to book a demo, visit dyadtech.com*.