Thinking Bigger

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Agency leaders – it’s time to get outside your comfort zones. Expanding your boundaries can spark new ideas or innovative approaches. 

This video series connects leaders with industry influencers providing new ideas, innovative approaches, and thought-provoking conversations on everything from technology to operations. 

Topics include:


  • Reading Your Clients’ Minds: Chris Paradiso, Paradiso Insurance, discusses how sentiment analysis can be integrated into your agency management system and give you a full picture of what your clients are thinking and doing.
  • Sales Miracles, One Step at a Time: Sometimes all a sales team needs to succeed is belief. Jason Kilgo, KILGO Insurance, talks about the importance of coaching, the value of team, and the role confidence plays in motivating producers.
  • You Are the Brand: Social media can not only get your brand out to thousands even millions of people, it is also free. Daniel Seong, Great Park Insurance, turned himself into a social media influencer and grew his business. He shares examples of how agents can take advantage of social media.
  • It’s About the Data! Agents have access to troves of data from carriers, from clients, and from third parties. Industry expert, Frank Sentner, has been involved in the exchange of data for many years and provides advice on how agents can take advantage of all that information they possess.

View the webinar here.

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