Winning@Cybersecurity Defense

There are more cyber risks than ever. Is your agency at risk?

The answer is yes—everyone is at risk.

The best defense is a strong offense. 

The first step is to get smarter about the risks and the insurance programs that can cover those risks. This program will not only make your agency stronger—it will make your customers stronger. 

We've designed it to help you win at cybersecurity defense. Brought to you by the PIA Partnership, it's practical, useful, and action-oriented. 

There are 3 parts. Agents can take a customized approach and tackle parts 1, 2, 3 in any order.

Part 1: Cyber Risk from A to Z

Grow your knowledge of cyber risks and the issues they can cause. This section covers 7 risks and includes examples and quizzes to test your understanding.

Part 2: Cyber Risk Insurance Protection

Insurance is a big part of cyber risk. Learn about the various aspects of insurance: what it covers, how to sell it, what questions to ask your customers, and programs you can check out.

Part 3: Cyber Resources for Your Agency

Check out a variety of tools and vendors to help you protect your agency and your customers. If you're just getting started, head to the beginner section. If you've been working on security, check out the advanced section.