Agent Experience Videos: Real life Experiences

The Agent Experience Video Series

Learn from agents who are experimenting with new ideas, building community online, and growing their businesses using digital tools. Mike Becker, CEO of PIA interviews industry experts on key topics related to the Agent Experience:

It’s all about community: how local engagement works in a virtual world

Aaron Levine, LG Insurance

Aaron runs a Long Branch, NJ-based agency that's been in business for 14 years. In that time he's gone from community engagement in real life--like participating in the Chamber of Commerce and local charities--to adding a big dose of digital to his efforts. He's active on all the social media channels, but it's his podcasts that are getting a lot of attention. Listen and learn how Aaron's building significant community engagement without talking about insurance. 

Interview recorded July 2021.

Building relationships in a virtual world

Carlo Ferrara, StreetSmart Insurance Agency

Carlo works at StreetSmart Insurance Agency in Freehold, NJ, an agency that's been in business since 2005 and which includes his father, brother and sisters. Pre-COVID, he was already looking for new and improved ways to operate his agency virtually, a process the pandemic accelerated. Using remote teams, virtual assistants and customer videos, he talks about all the ways his agency is taking things to the virtual world and becoming more efficient in the process.

Interview recorded August 2021

Agents without borders

Brian Bartosh, Top O'Michigan Insurance

The pandemic has changed how we work, but long before it hit, Brian Bartosh of Top O'Michigan Insurance was already working on plans to bring the best of virtual technology to his clients. With eight locations in Michigan, including a totally virtual operation, Spire Insurance Solutions, Brian knows that the answer to becoming more digital lies in meeting customers where they are. He's found significant success in VOIP, live chat, videoconferencing, e-signatures, cloud services and more, but the key is to drill down into those moments of truth and define how technology can be used to build the customer relationships.

Interview recorded September 2021

Real talk: authentic conversations online

Christopher Cook, Alliance Insurance Services

How do you communicate with clients and employees when they can't come into the office? For Christopher of Alliance Insurance Services in Winston-Salem, NC, the key is to reach out and show that you care, even if it's by videoconference or phone. It's all about the message and how it's delivered. And while he never thought he'd be communicating with customers by text, now he's logging more than 1,000 texts a month. He sees digital communications as a supplement to relationships, not as an either/or. For him, it's never a zero-sum game. His advice to agents just starting out? Start with something no matter how small and get good at it.

Interview recorded September 2021